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Convenient, dairy-free source of sustainable energy that can easily be added as a creamer to coffee, smoothies or shakes. This high-quality source of energy is sourced from patented GoFat - coconut derived MCT & Fat source.

Keto Creamer is quickly absorbed by your body and converted into ketones, fueling your brain and body. Keto Creamer boosts mental clarity through added L-Theanine, suppresses appetite, increases energy metabolism, and improves digestive health with the added digestive fiber. Whether you are following a strict keto diet or just looking for a healthier energy alternative, Keto Creamer is for you.

Keto Creamer

  • Keto Creamer benefits include:

    Ketogenic Fuel & Carbohydrate-Free Source of Energy

    Boosts Cognitive Functioning

    Boost Metabolism & Energy Output

    Sustained energy levels, without crashes

    Boosts Mental Performance

    Quick & Clean Energy

    Supports Ketogenic Diets

    Vegan Friendly


    Dairy-Free Alternative

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