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MyLight© MOVE from Mychondria is a portable red light therapy device that uses advanced infrared technology. A small device with a powerful punch. This is just what you need for at-home red light therapy treatment.

MyLight© MOVE is easy to use with a one-touch button for operation and comes with a built-in timer. You can now incorporate red light therapy anywhere you go. Red light therapy can boost your mind and body for optimal performance.

NOTE - Near-infrared light is invisible to the naked eye. It may look like some LEDs on your device aren't working, but both red(660nm) and NIR(850nm) are powered by the same supply. You can rest assured that all the LEDs are doing their job as they should.

Product Specifications:

Power: 70W

Dimensions: 160x100x33mm

Weight: 0.6KG

Beam Angle: 30 degrees

EMF: Zero at treatment distance

Flicker: Zero

Package includes USB charging cable, USB power adaptor, drawstring pouch, desk stand, protective eyewear, and user manual.

MyLight MOVE

  • Premium Red Light Therapy Device

    Increased Muscle Recovery

    Decreased Inflammation

    Improved sleep quality

    May provide mood support

    Increased cellular energy

    Portable & Lightweight

  • General Health Benefits: 5-8min at 4-12inches from your MyLight is best. If targeting a symptomatic area, this can be brought up to 10-12min at 4-12inches. Daily use is recommended for best results.

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