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No Sugar. No Carbs. No Calories.




Proper hydration is not just about water. It's water plus electrolytes. Most health conscious people don't get enough. This is especially true if you're physically active.


REVIVE is scientifically formulated to give you all the electrolytes you need with none of the things you don’t. REVIVE will help you feel better, function better and perform better. It also tastes great with 4 popular flavours to choose from.


Each sachet has the right amount of sodium, potassium and magnesium,whether you’re following a healthy diet, doing intermittent fasting or exercising.




Both your body and brain need electrolytes. Reduction in concentration and cognitive ability is an early sign of dehydration.Drinking REVIVE will improve your mental and physical performance and your overall well-being. You'll get:Improved energy and focusLess fatigueFewer headachesReduced muscle crampsBetter muscle performanceImproved nerve functionWHO SHOULD TAKE REVIVE?Healthy Diets: REVIVE helps those eating lower carb (keto, paleo, carnivore, whole-food) to avoid fatigue and headaches. It stops annoying muscle cramps and helps to maintain energy and focus. If you feel better, you're much more likely to succeed with your healthy lifestyle.Intermittent Fasting: REVIVE is friendly for most types of fasting, with no sugar, calories or artificial ingredients. It doesn't impact your blood sugar or insulin response, yet it helps mitigate hunger, fatigue and brain fog, allowing you to fast longer and stronger. Learn more about different types of fasting here.Exercise Performance: REVIVE is ideal for electrolyte replacement during and after physical activity, so you can keep muscles moving, maintain concentration and prevent cramps. REVIVE replenishes actual sodium lost through sweat. Proper hydration also aids recovery. Our clean, no-sugar formulation is healthier, tastes great and helps you burn more fat.

REVIVE Daily Electrolytes 30 Sachets

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