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Shroom Elixir, a powerhouse blend of adaptogenic and nootropic mushrooms to provide an all-around boost in performance and wellbeing to both the mind & body.

Shroom Elixir Powder has been developed to assist in boosting mental performance, cognition, memory, and physical performance. The result is an increase in energy and vitality with increased ATP production. The benefits don't stop there, it may also boost your immune system by providing anti-inflammatory properties for better recovery.

Lion's Mane Mushroom: For Memory, Cognition & Brain Health Support

Cordyceps Mushroom: For Performance, Vitality & Energy Support

Chaga Mushroom: For Immune, Inflammation & Mood Support

Reishi Mushroom: For Immune, Inflammation & Mood Support

Shroom Elixir is perfect for your morning coffees, smoothies, shakes, or any beverage of choice. Creating a super-blend of synergistic mushroom extracts to optimize your mind, body, and soul. PrimeSelf Shroom Elixir is also available in capsule form - Shop Here. Due to powders having different densities tub sizes may vary. Powder is based on grammage and not tub size.

Shroom Elixir Powder 80g (40 scoops)

  • Boosts Mental Performance

    Enhances Cognition & Memory

    Increases Energy & Physical Performance

    Supports Recovery


  • As a dietary supplement, take one(1) level Teaspoon (approx. 2g), or as recommended by a healthcare professional. Mixes easily into your morning coffee, shake or any other beverage of choice.

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