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What is the B4 Play Ball?

The B4 Play Ball is a dense rubber ball with small bumps on the surface. It is designed to be the perfect tool for massaging as it’s not too hard or too soft. It also has a very useful silicone tube that runs through the middle and is wrapped around the ankle to secure the ball under the foot. This makes it easy to use anywhere as it won’t roll away!

Our feet are the foundation of our body and the layer of tissue underneath the feet, called the Plantar Fascia, is an area that’s sometimes forgotten about but is often the source of trouble that affects the entire body. It’s quite common for problems with the Planter Fascia to cause a domino effect of tightness or pain elsewhere, like your hips, back or even neck.

A simple flexibility test before and after using the B4 Play Ball shows an instant improvement!

Rolling the B4 Play Ball under each foot and finding ‘tender spots’ to focus on for approximately 1 to 2 minutes will release the fascia which can result in improved posture, alignment, blood circulation, mobility and flexibility if used regularly.

The B4 Play Ball

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