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Natural mitochondrial support supplement

Helps to promote your cardiovascular and brain health

Can enhance your energy and vitality

May your cellular membrane integrity



Free of gluten, grain, dairy, or artificial flavours or preservatives

Promote your mitochondrial health

One of the most serious events that cause the loss of cellular vitality is the depletion of mitochondrial energy-producing function. As mitochondrial function weakens in our cells, so does the vitality of organs such as the heart and brain or in some cases, the entire body. Prime Self Mito Complex is here to optimize your mind and body directly from the source, your cells!


As a dietary supplement, adults should take two (2) capsules daily in the morning.

An optional serving of two (2) capsules can be taken in the afternoon/evening.

Optimal results are seen after 1-2 months of consecutive use.

Do not exceed four (4) capsules in a 24-hour period unless otherwise directed by a medical professional.

Mito Complex 60 Capsules

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